We are creating a place that honors both freedom fighters and peacemakers. It is a “story” of not only “what” but also “why” Americans make sacrifices for Freedom and Peace. It culminates with a message that we are all a part of this story.
The story is told in six parts:
  1. Two flagpoles will be at the center of the bridge. The U.S. Flag and the POW/MIA will be on the east side. The Arkansas flag will be on the west side.
  2. The walkway will be a history timeline of America in War and Peace. The times of War will reflect the number of participants, casualties, deaths and POW/MIA;
  3. A wall of glass panels will depict iconic images of America and quotations throughout history of Americans commitment to Freedom and Peace;
  4. Fifty pedestals separating the glass panels will recognize the fifty states in the order they joined the union;
  5. The acknowledgement of Freedom Fighters and Peacemakers on panels on either side of the center;
  6. There will be the centerpiece, a collage of images of Americans from the beginning until today.
The message is that all people of all backgrounds are the heart and soul of America. That “we” have the responsibility, shared through generations of maintaining Freedom and Peace. When a visitor looks at those images, they will be able to see themselves (in fact, we may create a mirror effect so as you look at the collage, you become part of it.)
This story will be told in an open air “hallway” created by twin basket handle arches with a U.S. Flag and a POW/MIA flag flying in the middle of the bridge on the east side and an Arkansas Flag on the west side.
When people experience this bridge, they will come away feeling that regardless of where we live, regardless of our diversity and regardless that we sometimes argue over issues large and small, we are united as one under the colors of the Red, White and Blue.
Judge Buddy Villines
For more information contact: bvillines1@comcast.net

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